About Us

Welcome to Lipson Lions Junior Hockey Club!

The Club was formed in 2005 to provide a base for young children to learn, experience and enjoy hockey, in a fun and enjoyable way!
Our team members are dedicated to ensuring that all the children that join the Club are coached correctly, enjoy the experience and importantly, do so in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment.


– Training starts at 6pm prompt and finishes at 7pm

– Matches take place on Friday nights and they alternate between age groups in the season. Dates are published well in advanced and your coaches will notify you of upcoming events, also follow our social media pages for updates.


We are focusing on individual abilities and we will be grouping children by ability so we can improve specific skills to move them up through the club, we have Cubs (under 10’s) and Lions (over 10’s) and sub groups within this based on ability. The coaches will be continually assessing the group to ensure that children’s confidence is boosted and that everyone can progress. If you have any concerns about the grouping please speak to the coaches.